About Us

Olo-Ena olive oil is produced on the Geo Ligris Estate.  The estate is located in Kallithea, a small village situated in Messinia, Peloponissos. The Peloponnese is a large Peninsula located in a region of Southern Greece.

The Koroneiki variety originated in Messinia.  The Koroneiki olives contain the highest levels of polyphenols (natural antioxidants).  High levels of Polyphenols and low acidity result in a long lasting shelf life.

For over 100 years, generation after generation our estate has been growing Koroneiki olives.  Today the estate has over 500 olive trees.  The olives are handpicked and sent to the mill to be cold pressed during the month of November or early December.  Picking the olives before they have completely ripened produces higher quality oil and less volume therefore OLO-ENA is a limited reserve.

The great taste of our all natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a direct result of respecting and taking care of what Mother Nature has provided us with over the years. It all starts with the olive trees at the Geo Ligris Estate located in Kallithea, Messinia, Greece. A new brand of extra virgin olive oil has arrived in North America.

We invite you to taste our premium quality olive oil.  OLO-ENA is a single estate, single variety premium extra virgin olive oil.

It’s all about tradition, quality and great taste.